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Here is why you need to hire the infamous 1111

What can my offerings do for you? 

It is a combination of genetic, ancestral, street smarts, life lessons, passion, and willingness to evoke possibilities. My gift is turning ideas into reality and attracting abundance. For the past three decades, I've coached entrepreneurs and creatives like yourself by helping them take the necessary steps to highlight their ideas to fellow thought leaders, customers, clients, investors, and the media. 

Starting out in the music industry, I'm still helping my clients realize rock star dreams. Now, it is your turn. "You're no princess, you're THE EMPRESS," they said in 2006 while working at Radio Woodstock as their marketing and promotions director. The journey from there? Launched my agency chillMedia NORTH and my career has not stopped leveling up. What makes me unique is my parallel spirit journey. You see, I have the ability to combine intuition with data, to support you in leading the charge in your industry. 

Pushing you to reach your full potential is my superpower. 

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