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THE 1111 EMPRESS at Your Service 




RiNo, Denver, CO

Zodiak Sign


Human Design

Manifesting Generator

About me: 

I started out as the chill princess and evolved into The Empress. Commanding and kind, abundance follows me wherever I go. With a love of nature, you'll find me working on the beaches of the Oregon Coast, or in the high mountains of Colorado. Creation happens wherever I go, and I have mastered the art of digital nomad life. My offering is genuine, and I want to help you fertilize your venture, learn to manifest success, and help you leverage your love for what you do. Let's turn your ideas and passion into a viable venture. 

Being a hustler comes naturally to me. My entrepreneurial efforts began in middle school when I started making ribbon wrapped barrettes and selling them around in stores and to friends. It was the advent of my path to falling in love with creating businesses from nothing. I've launched 16 businesses since then, and have more projects coming to fruition in 2024. 

No matter how many jobs I've strived for, my path always leads me back to the space of entrepreneurial invention. Creating my own wealth, on my schedule, to the beat of my drum has brought me more joy than any job. Well, any job except teaching and coaching. 

Life has not been easy, and I've experienced so many different outcomes, from selling my businesses to failing miserably. No matter how things have gone, I am masterful at dusting myself off, learning from the experience, and failing forward. That is the true meaning of success. Can you bounce back? Want to learn how? I can teach you. 


You can see more about my extensive work career here.

Companies Founded: 

  • Creative Juice (coming soon)

  • Cabin Alchemist (coming soon)

  • ConvertGo Marketing

  • Van da Lady Industries

  • Ohm Sweet Home 

  • chillMedia North

  • chillMedia U 

  • Phoenicia Honey Co. 

  • Lissie J's Vintage 

  • Style Pyle

  • Initiate Acceptance 

  • Campfire + Romance Events

  • (co-founded) 

  • Kaya Citta Cleaning Service 

  • Mercury in my Coffee

  • Urban Monster 

  • M3 Projects 

  • Mastel + Mastel Gallery 

  • EjM PR 

  • Green Galactic NY Office (co-founded)

  • Family Clubhouse Music

  • Brooklyn Music Limited (co-founded) 

  • chillMedia 

  • Tempest Productions 

  • Lissie J's Accessories 

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